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Boxing gloves
Boxing gloves - comfort and safety during training

Boxing gloves are the basic type of equipment for every person training martial arts with elements of hits. 
By choosing the right gloves, training becomes safe. They protect the hands against bruises, stabilize the wrists against sprains and protect the training partner from painful facial injuries.
It is very important that the gloves are comfortable and that they do not interfere with training.
Combat sports training should be a pleasure and we should not feel discomfort associated with training in uncomfortable equipment. Types of boxing gloves The Boxingstore.pl store offers a wide range of gloves perfectly suited for training martial arts. Children's boxing gloves are very popular.
Smaller glove weights are usually chosen for children - 6oz, 8 oz, 10 oz. This is due to the young age and subsequent weight and strength of the child.
Training in heavier equipment can cause unnecessary overload for our kids and leads to technical errors. With the increase in the popularity of martial arts as a general form of improving physical condition among women, women's boxing gloves began to enjoy interest.
Women belong to a demanding group of customers and more and more manufacturers are producing training gloves that match women's tastes, e.g. Leone and Yakimasport.
Such products are very often made of materials with quite bright colors, e.g. pink or blue. Of course, there are also women who prefer less female colors and focus more on the utility of the product.
In this case, they most often choose men's gloves, but with much less weight than men - usually 10 oz and sometimes even 8 oz.

The Boxingstore.pl store has a wide selection of leather and synthetic boxing gloves. 
Leather boxing gloves are made of natural animal leather - usually from bovine or buffalo.
Such skin is very resistant to cracks and damage. Synthetic gloves are made of an artificial mixture of materials commonly called artificial leather.
The composition of these materials may vary depending on the manufacturer, but most often it is PVC or PU.
Genuine leather gloves are recommended for everyone who values ​​high quality and durability of the materials in which they train.
Rival boxing gloves are a great example of a combination of high-quality materials and comfort.
Synthetic gloves are usually cheaper and are recommended as training gloves for beginners. When choosing the right boxing gloves, we can see another division, namely gloves with a Velcro closure and tied gloves.
The first group of gloves is suitable for training. It allows you to put them on your hand quickly and conveniently and remove them whenever you want to drink, for example.
Tied boxing gloves are most often used in professional boxing during professional boxing fights.
They ensure the best adhesion to the hand, but it would be a tedious process to constantly put them on and off during each workout.
Our store offers knotted gloves from renowned world producers such as Rival Boxing and Everlast.
These are products considered by specialists to be the best in their category and used during professional boxing galas worldwide in the organizations WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF.
Boxing gloves - their sizes and weights

Many people who do not have much experience yet and begin their adventure with boxing and muay thai are wondering what size of boxing gloves to choose. In fact, the size usually means the weight of the gloves. It is expressed in ounces (oz). Below we present the classification of glove weights and their application:

• weight 8 oz - 10 oz - gloves designed for children, women or men weighing up to 70 kg. They should be used only for training, shielding, and bagging. Due to their low weight, it is not recommended to use them for sparring.

• weight 12 oz - this is the most universal weight for boxing gloves used for general development training, techniques, shielding and even light task sparring, very well suited for beginners

• weight 14 oz - gloves weighing 14 oz have similar applications as products weighing 12 oz but are intended for slightly heavier people or those who, by using higher loads, want to improve their strength and speed of strokes

• weight 16 oz - 18 oz - most often used for sparring or by people with heavy weight

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