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Leone Shin and foot protectors BLACK EDITION


Manufacturer: Leone1947
Model: PT119/01
Weight:2.00 kg
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The Black Edition shin and foot protectors by Leone1947 were created to protect one of the most injury-prone parts of the body, which are the shin and feet. The product is part of the Black&White collection, which is mainly made up of boxing gloves. This model of protectors is characterized by every inch made of the best materials on the market and a matte black finish with contrasting details in silver and glossy black.

A guarantee of leg protection without restricting movement

The Black Edition shin and foot pads are a product that guarantees full protection of the shin and feet during kick training. The anatomical construction of the protectors means that they precisely surround the tibia and instep, and the additional zones with gel filling (80% EVA foam, 20% GEL) provide excellent shock absorption. This model is also characterized by an internal hypoallergenic and breathable lining, Velcro fasteners and an elastic fabric in the lower part of the foot. These three factors make these protectors very comfortable and at the same time provide maximum protection. The sizes S, M and L available with us are ideal for training both women and men. Professionals appreciate the protectors for their light construction and original appearance. The protectors adapt to the shins and feet, creating an inseparable whole with them. Durability, strength and long life are guaranteed by the highest quality materials used in production. This is a product for real fighters that works great during regular high-intensity training.

  • Fastening: Velcro
  • Gender: unisex
  • Material: PU/PL
  • Padding: 80% EVA, 20% GEL
  • Manufacturer: Leone1947

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