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Boxing Gloves ITGER Black/Gold Velcro


Manufacturer: Yakimasport
Model: 100397
EAN: 5903796711059
Shipment:24 hours
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TIGER boxing gloves - PRO2.0 series

The Yakimasport Tiger boxing glove from the PRO 2.0 series is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly. The DUAL FORCE technology used maximizes the transfer of the power of the blow.
The Yakimasport Tiger glove has an ultra-high density outer layer that provides an outer stiffness never before achieved with boxing gloves. As a result, the gloves have exceptional impact resistance. The Argentinian Nappa leather used has been specially treated to make it stiff and stronger. The addition of a highly absorbent inner layer guarantees greater protection of the metacarpus, while ensuring the maximum level of comfort.
Following the recommendations of professional boxers, the design team also optimized the shape of the glove and its grip, as hand positioning is essential to avoid injuries. With Tiger gloves, the boxer's hand is naturally closed.

PRO 2.0 series gloves are perfect for tournament fights, sparring and work with trainers or on a bag.
• Perfect for professional fights and sparring
• Manufactured under strict quality control from the highest quality natural leather
• Long-life latex insert
• Thumb attached to the main part of the glove for safety
• Moisture-resistant lining
• Anatomical shape

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